Academic Hospital Centers and Surgery

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An academic hospital center, also referred as a teaching hospital, is often linked to a medical school and are affiliated with a degree-granting university. Primarily, these health care organizations do the following: Meet the community’s health care needs similar t that of a regular hospital. Offer unique care not accessible anywhere in the region Teach… Read More.

Rising Medical Tourism in Korea

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South Korea is recognized worldwide as a gentle and fun-loving nation. They are known for their pop culture and welcoming atmosphere. A lot of tourists from around the globe visit this country to discover its stunning tourist destinations, delightful delicacies, and incredibly rich culture. Just lately, South Korea’s medical tourism has additionally developed into probably… Read More.

The Exodus – Mexico’s Medical Tourism

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Medical tourism is a growing industry in Mexico, with surgeries for weight loss as one of its most well-known techniques. And amazingly, the most avid consumers are arriving through the Texas borders. The primary purpose, because most insurance policies don’t cover bariatric surgery. And those that do, not only brand it as a ‘premium’ choice,… Read More.

Medical tourism: Advantages vs Disadvantages

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More important than money, career or possessions, our health is always #1 on our priority list. We would do anything, or go anywhere if it means getting the best for our health. That’s why if we cannot get the best health services in our own country, or if it is something we can’t afford, or… Read More.

Medical Tourism to Mexico

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Mexico has long been one of the top international destinations for people traveling from the   United States.  Beautiful beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and historic ruins have provided the   backdrop for a perfect vacation.  The best thing for many vacationers has been Mexico’s   affordability. Today’s tourists are discovering that Mexico’s affordability can do more than offer a… Read More.

Medical Tourism in Israel

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What is medical tourism?  Medical tourism is when you travel to another country for the purpose of receiving medical care.  This is often done to save money on a non-emergency procedure, to receive special services or quality of care not available in your home country or to receive care closer to friends, family and loved… Read More.