Medical Tourism to Mexico

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mexico-hospitalMexico has long been one of the top international destinations for people traveling from the   United States.  Beautiful beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and historic ruins have provided the   backdrop for a perfect vacation.  The best thing for many vacationers has been Mexico’s   affordability.

Today’s tourists are discovering that Mexico’s affordability can do more than offer a luxury   vacation on a budget; it also makes Mexico a premiere destination for health care and medical   tourism.  You may be wondering what medical tourism is.  Well, medical tourism is when a   person travels to another location, usually out of the country, in order to receive medical care.   Mexico is a number one destination for medical tourism because Mexican hospitals frequently   exceed American health standards, but have a fraction of the overhead of American healthcare   facilities.  Moreover, Mexican doctors often work with American doctors to provide aftercare for   their patients, ensuring a seamless transition from the procedure to care at home.  Not only are   the procedures more affordable in Mexico, but, because of reduced costs, patients may have   access to a higher quality of care than they would receive at home, including longer hospital   stays and concierge-type nursing service while in luxury hospital settings.

What type of procedures do medical tourists go to Mexico to receive?  One popular service is   weight loss or bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery, lap-band surgery, or gastric   sleeve surgery.  Other patients go to Mexico for cosmetic procedures including facial cosmetic   surgeries, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, breast implants, and other plastic surgery procedures.   Because many insurance programs do not cover weight loss surgeries or cosmetic surgeries,   many patients must pay for them out of pocket, and find that when the surgeries are done in   Mexico they cost a fraction of what they would in the United States.

However, medical tourists are not limited to those seeking elective surgery.  Patients travel to   Mexico to receive treatments that are considered experimental in the United States or to receive   holistic treatments to complement Western medical therapies.  With a medical system that rivals   the best of what the United States or Western European medical facilities have to offer, but lower   expenses and inexpensive travel options, Mexico is rapidly becoming a premier destination for   medical tourism.

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