Academic Hospital Centers and Surgery

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An academic hospital center, also referred as a teaching hospital, is often linked to a medical school and are affiliated with a degree-granting university. Primarily, these health care organizations do the following:

  • Meet the community’s health care needs similar t that of a regular hospital.
  • Offer unique care not accessible anywhere in the region
  • Teach generations of health professionals that are willing to teach to the next generation of health care providers
  • Research and improve technology that helps improve way of living.

When it comes to surgery, people are skeptical in doing the procedure in an academic hospital. They often wonder who does the operation? Most patients assume that when they come in a teaching hospital, a seasoned surgeon will be the one to perform the operation. This is not the case. Inexperienced residents, interns, or fellow new surgeons will perform most of the surgery unde the supervision of a surgeon or professor – that’s how the system works. academic_hospitals

Nevertheless, patients have every right to know who is operating them. Resident involvement should be made known to patient’s undergoing surgery. Also, they need to ask if the surgeon (acting as the professor) has done actual surgeries rather than institutional experiences.

Despite the safety efforts made by these hospitals, one thing can be inevitable – human error.  There are certain circumstances where the teaching surgeon is not in the operation room at all. This does not instantly mean that interns are dangerous when left unsupervised, but what are the chances of letting unseasoned surgeons maneuver complicated operations. There  room for error is quite huge.

Research on medical errors has much focus on academic hospitals, the site where nearly all graduate medical education in the U.S. Until now, there has been little discussion on how to improve and reduce the likelihood of errors made by resident surgeons.

Despite the lack of development in this area, MpowerHC has taken extra efforts and has revolutionized healthcare.  With their innovative platform, patients are given full control and transparency over their surgery, dental, and diagnostic imaging needs.

With the MpowerHC platform, patients have multiple options to choose from. Questions like: Who will be performing my operation?  How long should the surgery take? How much will this cost me? IS this surgeon new or experienced? All of the answers to these questions will be answered through the use of the platform. But, how?

After submitting their surgical needs, surgeons will compete to do the operation for the patient. In turn, the patient will choose among these surgeons by looking into their credentials and qualifications. Of course, the best surgeon with the most experience will most likely be picked.

With the new  MpowerHC platform, everyone in the health care system is given power: physicians, providers, insurance companies, employers, hospitals, and patients. This system aims to make health care affordable and attainable – metamorphosing our health care system.

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